South Korea

I’m so blessed to have so many good friends that take care of me. I’d never been to South Korea before but was always intrigued by the culture, particularly because I’m pursuing a Korean lass. I knew that leaving my friends and epic coastline and vegan ramen and all-round style in Japan was going to be difficult. The plane landed, and so did the heat. The thick inland warmth hit me real hard as soon as my buddy aussie brother Graeme picked me up from the airport. I crashed out on his bed and woke up for a brilliant Bibimbop man date just down the road from his place.

I grew up with Graeme back in Newcastle. Our families were friends, his mother being Indonesian, my mother being Malaysian. To have a host and promoter who was an old mate was really special. Luckily enough he had a semi-high performance motorbike that gave us some crazy night life adventures and sightseeing around Gangnam.

He connected me up for most of my concerts there. In Seoul I performed at four different venues, loving each one of them.

I played a little random set after my friends Hope for Icarus at the Ecclesia Café in Seoul. Was cool to meet so many godly performers and guys in the industry that wanted to support what I do.

I found that Koreans have such a hard core work ethic. I began to appreciate it. I loved meeting new crew after shows, especially those that had come from English learning schools. They had such a cute way of communicating what they liked about the performance. I figured out that Korean’s are incredibly generous people.

I realised more clearly that Korean’s love their culture, and that they really want to preserve what they have.